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Your Campaign Has A Longer Shelf-Life Than You Think

Your Campaign Has A Longer Shelf-Life Than You Think

Email marketing offers some of the best return on your marketing investment. The cost of a campaign is relatively low, making the channel a powerful revenue driver when utilized correctly. That being said, the process of designing, copywriting, approving, and deploying can be time-consuming and resource-heavy.

Email marketers often try to generate an entire schedule of completely unique emails, but the single-send approach often lets effective, thoughtful ideas go to waste. Every day that email marketers spend creating a new message from scratch is time and production resources that can be spent on other campaigns.

Rather than tossing your email after its initial send, find ways to recycle elements that can save time and resources. You can re-mail messages in both common email engagement scenarios:

  1. Low Open Rate, High Click Through

    When it comes to repurposing emails, this is one instance where low open rates don’t mean failure. If your most recent campaign has a high-click through rate but a low open rate, rest easy knowing it was a good message that might have been sent at a bad time of the week or needs a little subject line tinkering. Make a few simple adjustments and re-send, saving you time and giving your awesome content another chance at success.
  2. High Open Rate, High Click Through
    Congrats! You’re cracked the code. Just because your email got a lot of exposure doesn’t mean you can’t repurpose some of the elements. Determine all of the assets that made your email work in the first place – could be enticing subject line or colorful visuals – and use this intel for future emails and campaigns. Also, try resending the original email to the portion of your audience that didn’t open it the first time around to see if you get better results.

Many marketers assume their subscribers are vigilantly opening and reading through their emails, but we’re here to burst that bubble. Despite successful delivery and open rates, it’s unlikely your subscribers will recall every detail of your email if you were to use it again or repurpose some of the elements. Like all business assets, an effective tool should be leveraged often. If your email is working, work smart and send it again.

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