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Is Your Copy Bulletproof?

Is Your Copy Bulletproof?

We’ve all made spelling and grammatical mistakes in our lifetime, but are you a repeat offender? The English language is full of grammar oddities and confusing vocabulary, so it’s necessary that email marketers allot ample proofreading time for every email they send.

Serious copy-editing requires time and attention – not just the “spelling and grammar” tool. Use these techniques to verify your copy is perfect:

  1. Find a quiet place and recite the text out loud… even if it feels embarrassing. Ears will catch the mistakes that the eyes miss.
  2. Crack out your favorite highlighters and print, proofread, and markup a hard copy. Make sure to write down all your edits as you go (your brain can only remember so much!)
  3. Use the breath assessment to test the length of your sentences. If you can’t read an entire sentence in one breath, it’s probably too long.
  4. Double check confusing words – such as there, they’re, their or effect vs. affect – and make sure you’re using the correct one.
  5. If you’re getting cross-eyed looking at pages of copy, set a milestone and proofread until then. Give yourself a lap around the office or bathroom break and then get back to it with fresh eyes.
  6. Once you’ve gotten your copy to a place that feels perfect, let someone else give it a once over to bring your proofreading over the finish line.

Before hitting send on your next email, set aside sufficient time for copy-editing to make the best impression with every email.

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