Email Marketing

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Optimize Performance

For Your Agency and Your Customers

Real-time tracking is just the beginning to the features available to you and your customers to optimize your performance. With split-testing, delivery throttling, and tracked email replies. We have what you need to get the most out of your Email Marketing Campaigns.

Flexible Control

Over How Emails Are Sent

Send emails the way you want through API integration, web-hooks, auto-responsders, or date-triggers, you control how and when your content is recieved. We give you and your customers the choice of how to send your content, and easily integrate mutiple methods.
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Built for Agencies

And Their Clients

Completely customizable email solution for you and your clients. Brand as your own, and resell. We give you full control on how to operate your control panel. Also, enjoy unlimited data at no extra cost!

Improve Marketing Performance

For Agencies and Their Clients With a Diverse Email Toolset

“The more you know, the better email marketer you’ll be” is our mantra. We give you the tools to make email marketing as efficient as you can make it from a delivery, hygiene and best practice standpoint. That means more revenue and improved profitability for your organization — and the toolkit to achieve continuous improvement in how your digital campaigns perform into the future.
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Dependable Support

For You and Your Clients

You’re a name, not a number. Our team respond quickly and genuinely care about any issue or question you come up with. We are the safety net your team can count on for daily mitigation issues that are part and parcel of email campaign management — and we take an active role in helping you leverage the RepsonseGenius platform feature set to generate the greatest benefit for your organization.

Email Hygiene

A clean list is a major factor in email delivery. If your list has even 3-5% hard bounces, your delivery will be severely impacted – particularly with lead generation efforts. Even housefiles need to be cleaned up regularly. We use both real-time email verification and email hygiene, to identify more hard bounces and email threats such as spamtraps, complainers, bots, litigators and more. Removing harmful email addresses will increase email deliverability performance, raise engagement rates, and improve sender reputation.

Email Appends

  • Add postal name and address info to your email list.​
  • Add emails to your postal file.​
  • Add demographic / psychographic / business information to create customer profiles and identify new audience segments. to create accurate customer profiles, identify new audience segments, and ramp up your cross- and upsell efforts.​

Our Data Partners

ResponseGenius partners with multiple, name brand data partners, to bring you the best possible data solution. We are happy to source data and to work with data partners to create the best match for you!
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