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Want to Be Rich with Ideas for Content? Fill Your Knowledge Bank

Want to Be Rich with Ideas for Content? Fill Your Knowledge Bank.

Struggling to keep up with your editorial calendar? Content creation is often tricky. Finding the right words can be a daunting task. Thoughtful, original content is difficult to generate on an ongoing basis, especially in the world of email marketing.

If you’re suffering from writer’s block, consider creating a knowledge bank to help generate and store new topic ideas. This strongbox can be used to stockpile and organize ideas, expertise, and customer insights to inspire future content and to help you re-purpose previously published ideas.

Brainstorming for the knowledge bank can be an ongoing project or a set task. First, determine the best place to physically keep your ideas, whether it’s a notebook or shared cloud drive for access among multiple team members.

For those who prefer the open-ended challenge of sourcing new concepts, record your thoughts as they come to you – whether you’re reading the newspaper, strolling through the grocery store, or even checking your own email. Be sure to include as much detail as possible in your notes so you avoid forgetting the genesis of your amazing idea!

If you enjoy structured brainstorming – whether it’s by yourself or with a group – find a workplace conducive to your creative process and bring materials for jotting down thoughts and ideas. If you are working with a group, assess some broad idea buckets and produce a list of related ideas that could serve as material for future content. If you’re on a rigid editorial schedule, set up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly ‘knowledge bank meetings’ to add to your library of ideas for future emails and campaigns.

It’s important to remember that there are no bad ideas for the knowledge bank. Some ideas might need more refining than others, but every small idea can lead to something big and brilliant. Allow yourself to let loose, think outside of the box, and keep track of all your ideas to ensure your knowledge bank is rich with content seeds. Then harvest them for effective email communications with valued clients and prospects.

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