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Segmenting with Email Analytics

Segmenting with Email Analytics

Segmenting and targeting – two integral steps for email marketing. Segmenting your audience and sending targeted emails can help your emails become more relevant and successful.

There are many ways you can use data to segment your audience, but unfortunately, email analytics data is an often-overlooked resource for segmenting. Email marketers typically use data collected during sign-up (gender, age, industry, etc.) or progressive profiling to provide insights. Using data collected via email analytics data to segment audience can help email marketers work smarter, not harder, to effectively target their subscribers.

Knowing how your subscribers engage with your email both helps you send better emails and is a powerful driver of segmentation. The utilization of individual level-tracking services can provide insightful information that allows you to tie interactions back to each subscriber, including the email client used, details on engagement with the email, geo-location, and more.

Marketers often use data that tracks audience open on mobile, desktop, and webmail clients to inform device optimization, but this data is also valuable for segmentation. Email marketers can segment by device use to better serve their diverse audience, such as sending iPhone optimized newsletters or optimizing for Gmail users.

Individual-level email tracking can also illuminate your most engaged subscribers by looking at how long each subscriber interacted with your email. Directly target your most engaged subscribers with content customized based on engagement. Super serve your VIP segment with loyalty programs, more-frequent correspondence, special offerings, and more.

Using geo-location to segment your audience by time zones allows you to test and optimize send times in each location to reach your audience at the optimal time. Regional habits and geographic circumstance all have an impact on engagement and interests, so use this data to better understand the habits of your audience far and wide. For example, if you’re running an event or promotion in a specific city, segmenting your list by geo-location can keep your emails relevant and engaging to the audience that matters most.

Smart email marketers will use accessible and digestible individual-level tracking data to better understand their subscribers and to power segmentation. Give some or all of these tips a chance to help you cater to each segment’s unique characteristic and goals to send more relevant emails.

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