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Are You Spamming Your Subscribers?

Are You Spamming Your Subscribers?

Seasoned email marketers avoid practices that may wind them up on a spam list. But even the most expert professionals occasionally end up marked as spam, or even worse – on the blacklist.

Feeling nervous? Don’t be. Integrate some of these simple tips into your regular campaign mailings to ensure you aren’t spamming your subscribers.

  • If you don’t want to be marked as spam, you need to walk the talk. A common mistake that lands email marketers up on the spam list is “spammy” sounding headlines. Is your subject copy tacky? Do you rely on words like “free” or “unbelievable” to entice your subscribers to read your mail? Put your creativity to the test and create unique, un-gimmicky headlines to encourage your subscribers to click open.
  • Dedicate time to clean up your subscriber lists. When you get a significant number of hard bounce back emails, it’s a sign that you should let go of some of your subscribers. Keeping your database clean helps you maintain a healthy relationship with automated spam catchers.
  • Visuals are nice, but always include enough copy in your message. Spam filters dislike emails with too many images. While quality trumps quantity when it comes to copy, make sure you have enough throughout your email body to avoid being flagged as spam.
  • Stay in touch with your subscribers to avoid losing them. Don’t fall victim to list decay by infrequently communicating with your contacts, though you should also steer clear of sending an excessive number of messages per day.

No email marketer is perfect enough to avoid being marked as spam – or blacklisted – 100% of the time. However, since you’re not a spammer, use best practices to avoid being unfairly labeled as such.

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