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Blog - Writing Email Copy To The Finish Line

Writing Email Copy To The Finish Line

Strong copy is one of the most important elements of your email marketing campaigns. Because it’s so important, writing, editing, and tweaking copy requires serious attention, which typically translates into time and resources.

What if you didn’t have to spend hours writing every campaign? Here are some tips to getting your work done faster, without hurting the quality of your copy.

  1. Silence your inner editor while writing. Push the perfectionist aside while you get your thoughts out. Once you have words on the page, go through and make your edits. If you’re having a difficult time separating the two, organize your schedule with blocks for “writing” and “editing” to differentiate the two steps.
  2. Give yourself a break from outside distractions. Find your optimal work environment that is free of distractions. For most people, this involves refraining from social media usage, situating yourself somewhere quiet, and getting other tasks and chores out of the way so you can focus on writing.
  3. Have fun and make it a game. Increase writing speed by competing against yourself. Track how long you’re spending writing and try to beat your personal time when you sit down to write again. If you want an extra challenge, check your live writing speed at Just be sure to leave yourself ample editing time at the end.
  4. Think about a reward. No matter how much you love to write, it often feels like work by the time you’re done. Motivate yourself to get through a writing task by setting an incentive at the start, like a cup of coffee or a walk outside.
  5. Write during your most productive time of day. Whether you’re a morning, afternoon, evening, or late-night person, determine the time of day you are most focused and write during that time.
  6. Find a partner. Fear of missing out on other things while you’re writing? Find a non-distracting buddy to work alongside to make your work a little more enjoyable. If you and your partner are competitive, compete to see who can finish their writing faster.

While there is no silver bullet when it comes to writing, using mental and physical strategies to help propel your workflow can be a successful solution for your time and resources. Make your work comfortable and fun, and you’ll be done in no time!

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