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Blog - The Truth About Millennials and Direct Mail

The Truth About Millennials and Direct Mail

Do you think it’s strange to have a blog about direct mail from a company whose primary business is email marketing? Please read on and you’ll see our point.

There are many generalizations that can be made about millennials – some favorable, others not so much. For all types of marketers, it’s mandatory to understand the real habits and trends of one of the most economically powerful generations in today’s marketplace.

One common assumption about millennials is that they are glued to their phones and devices 24/7. While the millennial generation grew up in the height of a digital revolution, they still appreciate and utilize traditional forms of communication, the most basic of which is direct mail.

A US Presort study debunked common millennial myths that should have marketers rethinking their campaigns that ditch traditional marketing channels. One of the biggest myths is that millennials don’t read direct mail; the study found that 84% of millennials look through their mail on a regular basis and 90% reported that they found it reliable.

When looking at how millennials engage with direct mail compared to non-millennials, the behaviors were almost the same in all functions, including reading, sorting, discarding and sharing mail with others. While one could assume that reading email on a plethora of devices is more accessible and time-efficient than direct mail, it’s hard to ignore a tangible piece of physical communication.

I promised we’d get to the point…

For email marketers, millennials liking direct mail does not mean the death of your email campaign. In fact, study after study shows that tying email and direct mail marketing plans together consistently increases response rates and sales. When building out your 360-plan, find ways to connect direct mail to digital mail with links, QR codes, and social media handles. Timing is important and must be tested, but there is little doubt that letting direct mail drive customers/prospects to your digital campaigns (or vice versa) you are effectively reaching your audience via all channels.

If you are trying to target a millennial base with your communication, don’t sweep direct mail under the rug in favor of an all-digital strategy. Savvy marketers should reach their younger audience through all available channels with clear, smart, and unique messaging.

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