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Blog - Let’s Get Real About Co-Registration

Let’s Get Real About Co-Registration

As an email marketer you are always looking to expand your email lists, but not all list-building tools are created equal. Subscriber acquisition sources can be an efficient way to get your campaign more reach, but some are problematic for marketers and subscribers alike.

One of the most difficult acquisition sources is co-registration. Co-registration is when a company includes an email opt-in for your brand and others on their registration page. This bundled sign-up process can be confusing for users who don’t realize they are signing up to receive emails from multiple companies. When users start receiving emails from unrecognized senders (which could be your brand), they might mark your mail as spam. And we all know that creates deliverability hassles with our ISP friends.

Co-registration also can be problematic because the bundle of brands offered at the co-registration site might not align with your target audience. Users unfamiliar with your brand might be confused by what you are offering (or even worse, not interested) and this can result in unsubscribes or spam complaints.

Finally, when you allow another company to include your brand on their co-registration page, you don’t control the point of sign-up. It’s not unheard of for brands to skimp on the opt-in consent process, so your company could potentially be flagged for spamming if the host platform doesn’t provide solid proof of consent.

Co-registration can still be a successful acquisition tool, but it’s best used for brands that are closely aligned. Sister companies or complimentary brands are least likely to confuse users who are opting-in for a specific purpose. Additionally, employing double opt-in (DOI) helps protect your reputation by requiring an email address owner to confirm their subscription activation. This stronger proof of opt-in lowers deliverability risks like blocking and junking.

When utilizing acquisition sources, weigh your options to find the tool that is most efficient and protective for your brand. Whatever resource you settle on, remain patient as you build quantity AND quality.

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