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Sign Me: A Brief Intro To E-Petitions

Whether you’re on a list of a popular petition website or you signed one once, we’ve all encountered some version of an e-petition. This insurgence of petition emails has come with the rise of digital activism, which essentially allows followers to get involved with a cause from anywhere, anytime.

Petitions are a successful tactic that often send signals of public opinion, garner media attention, raise money, and for email gurus, help build lists. For users, signing an online petition allows them to feel involved in a cause they support and to uphold the notion that they are “doing good”. It also can draw them closer to brands they identify with their thinking and beliefs.

Typically, most email petitions require some form of contact information. Whether it’s full details or just the email address, email marketers should relish the seamless delivery of new members that will likely share your content with friends, colleagues and peers who share their collective interests.

If ‘change’ is at the core of your company’s mission, now is the time to begin playing with online petitions as a resource to do some good and help your business. When crafting a petition, determine what cause or call-to-action is the most viable and potentially viral. However, it’s important to be forward thinking when crafting a petition, as your initial cause should be a relevant lead-in to your mission as a whole.

If authentic, digital activism is a component of your brand, consider testing a petition to further reach your audience and expand awareness about your cause. You might find yourself with a new pool of subscribers and/or a new-found closeness with current customers. But maybe MOST importantly, some seriously good karma for your brand.

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