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5 Tips For Successfully Using Marketing Video In Your Email Campaigns

A picture says a thousand words, but a video gives you infinite freedom to communicate. With the ability to embed video content links into email and other brand platforms, marketers are increasingly keen to put camera and editing skills to the test with marketing videos.

Whether you’re generating the video or assigning the creative task, it’s important to know where to start and the keys for success. Use the below tips to guide your process:

  1. Pin point the specific problem you are trying to solve for your audience. This should be the focal point of your video, whether a solution is blatantly communicated or artfully articulated. From there, you can make decisions on how to connect this problem and answer for your audience.
  2. Determine what you want people to feel when they watch your video. What is the tone or emotion? Are you educating or entertaining? Are you direct or mysterious? This decision helps guide what your audience takes away from the video.
  3. Make a laundry list of smaller details that you want in your video. Instead of sending your audience on a wild goose chase for answers after watching, give them the answers in the video or direct them to an easily accessible place where they can learn more.
  4. Short form content is often more popular than videos exceeding 2 minutes. Determine if your message can be articulated in under 120 seconds. If not, evaluate your idea to identify excessive information that can be cut out to create a concise and digestible video.
  5. Be realistic about your budget and capabilities to produce a great video. If your creative production skills are up to par, find time to thoroughly generate a plan to develop, shoot, and produce a video. If you’re concerned about making your own video, budget to hire an individual or video production company to create your content. A strong marketing video is a smart investment.
  6. BONUS TIPEmbedding videos within an email is a sure-fire way to NOT inbox. Your trick is to create an interesting screen shot of your video with a “play button” on it. Then when your audience clicks on the button, they are sent to a landing page where your actual video resides. You get the full effect of an embedded video without the in-boxing issues.

Marketing videos are an effective way to present and communicate to an increasingly digital audience, so refresh your strategy with awesome videos that can live in your campaigns, website, social media accounts, and beyond!

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