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No-Reply” Is A No-G

“No-Reply” Is A No-Go

Communication with your audience is essential to maintaining your brand. Because of its directness, consistency and personality, email marketing is often the most efficient way to communicate and establish loyal relationships with your subscribers.

What’s often forgotten is that email communication should go both ways. If you contact your subscriber, they should be able to easily access you back. So why do so many marketers use “do not reply” or “no-reply” in their sender addresses?

If you’re communicating effectively, your consumers should recognize your brands personality. When email marketers use “no-reply” or “do-not-reply” in their sender addresses, you are telling your subscribers that you are never going to look at the email they send back to you.

Some email marketers may rely on these messages to fend off a high volume of replies to each message, but this problem can be tackled in other ways. Most reputable email service providers, including ResponseGenius, have message handling services that can trigger actions in common replies, such as “unsubscribe” or other spam complaints.

Even if you are using your ESP’s message handling features, your sender emails can be customized to reflect your brand and show friendliness and access to your subscribers. Something as simple as ‘’ goes a long way in generating a positive impression for your subscribers. On some platforms, “no-reply” sender addresses may be the default setting, but one that can be easily changed. Take the time to make sure you aren’t sending the wrong message to your valued audience.

Email marketers shouldn’t assume their audience can’t see their sending address in their inboxes, as each service provider varies. It is up to you to protect your brand reputation and keep your audience happy by making sure they know you value their feedback. Make sure you have an inviting sender address to generate your biggest positive impact.

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