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The Importance of Utilizing Diverse Channels In Your Campaign

The Importance of Utilizing Diverse Channels In Your Campaign

Email marketing lives at the core of communications for most companies, but it’s crucial for brands to be reaching their audience through multiple channels for their biggest impact. By engaging with your consumers via various channels, you are increasing your message reach and expanding visibility for your brand.

One obvious development beyond standard email marketing should be social media. Each brand must determine which apps and platforms their target audience utilizes the most and develop a digital strategy for those sites. If you’re looking to increase your core audience, target social media platforms where your customers are most likely to be looking for their interests, news-feeds and the like.

One popular platform is using your company website as a content publishing platform. Consider creating a blog that allows you and your employees to share relevant content that can live on your website and be linked in your email campaigns. This inventory of content supports credibility for your brand by acting as a go-to information provider for your loyal consumers. Additionally, blogs can drive website traffic, contributing new business prospects or keeping current customers coming back.

If your company has reputable spokespeople or standout employees, consider having them contribute to trade or business publications on behalf of your communication campaign. In doing so, you will establish credibility for your brand while also targeting a wider audience that may have never found your company.

When you devote time and effort to your content, you should leverage all of your work by giving it the best exposure possible. It can be overwhelming to tackle multiple channel platforms, so repurpose your content to fit multiple publishing sites and you’ll maximize your reach!

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