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Failure Often Leads To Success

Is email marketing a “failure-friendly” channel? Do your email campaigns allow you efficient trial and error without wasting significant investment or resources? From our experience with email marketing veterans from...
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Customer Loyalty

Understanding the Power of Loyalty

Your campaign strategy is smart, creative, and effective, yet you’re still falling flat when it comes to retaining engagement and securing lifelong customers. Loyalty might be the missing piece of...
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It’s Time To Address The “Millennial Problem”

Millennials again?... go ahead. Sigh. We’ve all heard the complaints about them at some point or another. Even millennials complain about millennials! The generation has disrupted just about everything in...
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Email Marketing: Getting Old, or Just Getting Better?

For over four decades, businesses have been employing email marketing as a tool to communicate with customers and clients. Now firmly in the digital era, email marketing is still thriving,...
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Are You Paying Attention to Your Online Reputation?

In the digital landscape, reputation is everything. With consumers turning to websites and platforms like Yelp, Google, and social media to share their thoughts and reviews, you want to be...
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5 Tips For Successfully Using Marketing Video In Your Email Campaigns

A picture says a thousand words, but a video gives you infinite freedom to communicate. With the ability to embed video content links into email and other brand platforms, marketers...
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