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Customer Loyalty

Understanding the Power of Loyalty

Your campaign strategy is smart, creative, and effective, yet you’re still falling flat when it comes to retaining engagement and securing lifelong customers. Loyalty might be the missing piece of your puzzle.

Recognizing frequent customers with loyalty programs is a proven strategy for delivering an amazing experience to your most valuable audience. The best loyalty programs go above and beyond discounts; they establish a personal relationship with clients that influence them to continue doing business with your company.

In fact, 83% of customers say a loyalty program makes them more likely to continue doing business with a company. And the most effective channel to deliver loyalty program content and keep customers engaged in the program – email.

In aA powerful article broke down some of the best practices for loyalty program emails, which includes creative strategies and technical features to ensure your audience receives communication tailored to their engagement.

An overarching suggestion for loyalty emails is streamlining how customers receive personalized information. For example, account data should be up-to-date and easy to access within the body of the email. By compiling consumer data into one succinct place, patrons are more likely to engage with your email than searching across various platforms to get their real-time account information. This is especially important for rewards programs that use points and balances as a means to purchase goods and services, as shoppers use this info to make informed decisions.

In the same vein, redeeming this currency should be simple, otherwise, consumers might not feel the need to participate in your program. With balance information, email marketers should also provide an explicit catalog of what can be redeemed with said balance and how to do so.

The article also suggests using data visualization as a tool for loyal regulars. Visual marketing graphics are digestible and can often be set up to reflect real time data, offering a personalized and engaging overview of a customer’s history with your brand. From pie charts to timelines, data visualization can help your client remember why they love your brand as well as inspire future purchases.

Email marketers employing boring, text-based loyalty program emails are missing a massive opportunity to bolster long-term customer relationships. Weaving personal stories and consumer data in with simple, effective text and visual practices will boost engagement and customer lifetime value.

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