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Email Marketing: Getting Old, or Just Getting Better?

For over four decades, businesses have been employing email marketing as a tool to communicate with customers and clients. Now firmly in the digital era, email marketing is still thriving, but facing new obstacles.

Today, almost every company has adopted email as one of their primary methods of communication. The results are an avalanche of emails flooding into consumers’ inboxes each day. This heavy saturation is now tasking you to become savvier, both technically and creatively. The pioneers of email marketing had the luxury of standing out just by being the first to communicate this way; today, email marketers need to work much harder to be noticed in the marketplace.

As consumers continue to spend more time online, they are looking for unique communication from their favorite companies and organizations. Your email content shouldn’t always be about discounts, signing petitions, and upcoming promotional deals. Instead, you should be thinking about a holistic communication strategy with your customer and prospects.

Your brand can improve your overall email campaigns by making the messages more meaningful. By occasionally subbing out offer/promotional emails for life-cycle messages and value-added content, your enticing offers are more likely to be perceived as a treat to your audience.

Marketers should be creative with information that is out-of-the-box AND relevant to consumers. If you’re selling furniture, why not follow-up with a list of trending paint colors? If you’re angling for petition signatures, try sending a monthly list of activism victories.

In sending all of these messages, think critically about your audience and their behaviors as they spend more time on smartphones, computers, and tablets. It can be as simple as determining what time your audience is most likely to open your email, which is determined by using analytics (and trial and error!) Email marketers should also utilize data about specific consumer actions to integrate triggered engagements into your day-to-day practices. Automated triggered messages are timely, relevant, and actionable and can be applied to almost any type of email marketing campaign. This type of responsive engagement is valued by consumers who are constantly bombarded by mindless correspondence. Both advanced analytics and sophisticated campaign triggered-workflows are found in the ResponseGenius platform.

Email marketing is constantly maturing, but it’s still one of the greatest marketing tools for top-tier businesses and organizations. By recognizing shifting behaviors of digital consumers and being respectful of inbox saturation, your email marketing will continue to SUCCEED in the ever-changing digital era.

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