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Marketing Showdown: Email vs. Text

Marketing Showdown: Email vs. Text

Thanks to smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices, accessibility to both text messages and emails is at an all-time high. When it comes to digital marketing, how do text and email compare?

A study by Text Marketer compared the two channels, finding that roughly 74 trillion emails are sent every year, while only 8 trillion text messages are sent.

But where email wins in volume, text excels in impact. According to the study, text message open rates are around 98%, blowing email open rates of about 20% out of the water.

Email and text are both strong, reliable communications channels for marketers. However, each channel should be utilized for different messages.

For example, text messages are best for short, transitory communication that needs immediate attention, like appointment reminders, service outages, and other alerts. For longer messages that require more copy and less immediacy, email is the smarter way to communicate.

Text messaging can also be used to get simple responses from your consumers. If you are seeking a quick response to a YES or NO question, like a reservation or appointment confirmation, text messages are an effective way to quickly reach your audience.

Email are considered less evasive, afford the opportunity for more marketing copy, allow compelling images to convey your offer or brand, provide better understood linking to your offer and other advantages to simple text messages.

It’s important to understand your audience when choosing between text and email communication. Though cell phone usage is ubiquitous across all demographics, younger generations are still more likely to respond to text messages than older generations. Marketers should utilize research and audience analytics to determine if their customers would be better served by email or text.

Brands should use a healthy mix of email and text messages to reach their consumers. However, it’s important to understand how they stack up to one another and the best practices for using each channel.

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