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Cook and Serve Your Email Like the Perfect Meal

Cook and Serve Your Email Like the Perfect Meal

When fresh, quality ingredients are prepared and mixed properly, a delicious meal is made. Like serving a satisfying dinner, email marketing is a tried-and-true method of boosting positive results when all elements are expertly fused together for current and potential customers.

Just like a stellar meal, brands have the capability of fostering a personal and meaningful relationship with your audience. In the same way restaurants craft thoughtful menus in the hopes of bringing in new patrons and creating a returning fan base, email marketers should build campaigns with each subscriber in mind.

When cooking up your best email, consider the bread and butter first: your copy. Just like a beautifully plated meal falls flat when the ingredients and flavors are bland, your perfectly designed email fails when the copy is boring and unimaginative. So how does one write a better marketing email?

Most importantly, imagine you’re speaking to only one person at a time, and that person is your ideal customer. Your copy should read like the person is standing in front of you and you are having a conversation, not making a forced sales pitch. One easy way to make your message more conversational is to use second person pronouns like “you and your.” You can even try speaking aloud as you type to avoid sounding robotic.

It’s also critical to consider the tone of your email. Reserve a formal tone for serious correspondence that requires immediate action, such as changes to terms of service or impending deadline notices. For promotional messages, have fun with a more playful, informal tone to connect with your readers on a deeper level.

Pay attention, as well, to the amount of copy in each email. Most brands send one or more emails a day to subscribers, so consider serving copy “tapas-style”, not family style. Confused? It’s essential to break up your writing into smaller portions (especially for those reading on small screens) as opposed to large chunks of text. For paragraphs, limit your copy to three short sentences. If you want to break up your text even further, use font and formatting options like bold, italics, and bullet points for emphasis.

So, the next time you sit down to build your email campaign, consider doing it with your perfect meal in mind, filled with delicious ingredients as inspiration. Serve your subscribers with a warm, inviting, and easily-digestible email to keep them coming back for more!

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