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Bulletproof Bulleted Lists

Bulletproof Bulleted Lists

We often rely on lists to help us organize our daily lives. So why should email be any different? Bulleted lists in body text help subscribers easily find the key points of your email, as well as emphasize the most important content.

Below are some key tips for creating bulleted lists that are helpful and actually easy for subscribers to read:

  • Limit Numbered Lists – Numbered lists should be reserved for lists in which items must occur in a specific order, such as a procedure or ranking. Stick to bullets for things like FAQS or other general lists.
  • Avoid Overwriting – Bulleted lists work best when their appearance is as organized as the list. Items on a list look best when they are approximately the same length so that they don’t swallow one another.
  • Don’t Start Every Sentence with the Same Word – Different keywords, and even letters, at the beginning of each bullet item makes a list easier to read. Try to omit repetitive words like “a” and “the” so each bullet item stands alone.
  • Resist Overusing Bulleted Lists – A page made up primarily of dots and short sentences can be even more confusing than emails without lists at all. Vertical lists should only be used if you have three or more items to list – otherwise, spell it out in a sentence or two.

Unfortunately, building bulleted lists in email is harder than expected because different email clients render bulleted lists different ways. Instead of avoiding bulleted lists all together, click here for a comprehensive guide on incorporating them into your next email.

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