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Age Is Just A Number

Age Is Just A Number

These days, you hear a lot about communicating to millennials. But what about effectively talking with your older consumers? The “Baby Boomer” generation still controls the largest portion of disposable income across economies around the world, so smart businesses should pay attention to how they market to a more senior demographic.

While companies have traditionally put most of their time and resources into offline media channels for the post-Baby Boomer customers, senior generations are often more web savvy than people believe. Baby Boomers in particular are extremely web-savvy.

The challenge to email marketers is that while Baby Boomers are getting older, they refuse to believe or admit it. So, your best bet is concentrating on slight changes to your email campaigns to enable you to resonate, retain and build your Boomer base.

The following list provides simple suggestions that will improve the experience for your aging audience:

  • Ensure the font size is large enough for reading. Cellphone displays and computer monitors are relatively small, so a minimum of 12-point font should be used.
  • The simpler the better. Improve user experience by keeping email navigation easy and evading lots of clutter (i.e. photos, videos, buttons, stickers)
  • Create landing pages specifically targeted to a Boomer audience. If your emails are geared toward this audience, ensure your message is carried to other platforms.
  • Make sure your content – including photos, copy, graphics, and videos – are age appropriate. Avoid embarrassing, confusing, or offending your readers by using visuals and language that are unwelcoming to an older audience.
  • Boomers love social causes and community. When it is possible, position your products/services to play to a greater good or provide a sense of togetherness.

It is possible to follow these guidelines while avoiding a boring campaign. Play with color, layout and content that infuse your email with creativity. Don’t forget about one of the largest and most influential generations in the world. Recognize their preferences while playing into their growing tech abilities to guarantee there is no generation left behind.

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