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It’s been over a decade since the word “hashtag” was added to the dictionary – and for good reason. The symbol has become a iconic staple across digital platforms and a cultural symbol across the globe.

As you know, a hashtag precedes a word or phrase and has the ability to string together thoughts and ideas. Today, companies often utilize hashtags to connect various social media accounts to other websites. Email marketers should also take note of the trend and incorporate the character into their practices when it makes sense to emphasize an aspect of your communications.

A single hashtag that best represents your current campaign or brand can connect social media platforms, websites and email campaigns. By using a unifying hashtag, your audience can easily track and join in any conversation across multiple channels.

Establishing a hashtag also allows you to track audience behavior. The ability to search hashtags on social media platforms allows you to understand and witness real time engagement that can help influence and educate future brand decisions.

Although hashtags are most often present on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, they can take a prominent seat at the table in email campaigns. Spice up a subject line with a hashtag to help stand out in a crowded inbox or simply save characters by truncating a long sentence to a single statement.

Whether you’re just beginning to grow your hashtag brand or you have an arsenal of branded #emailmarketing, continue playing with the popular digital trend to boost open rates, improve user engagement, and cultivate your brand’s social media following.

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