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Mobile Strategy? Think Bigger and Broader.

Mobile-strategy, once a new frontier, is now an outmoded term as companies embrace a plethora of new business technology. However, there is still much for all of us to learn about strategizing when it comes to reaching consumers on mobile devices. Often, companies boast one-of-a-kind mobile experiences. But how does your company’s messaging successfully translate to a consumer’s smartwatch, a retail store or email marketing campaign?

An ongoing trend for the past few years has been shifting from creating a “mobile strategy” to generating a 360-degree marketing plan that ties mobile experience effortlessly to your online systems, branding, offline messaging and more.

Mobile devices have become the primary channel in marketing strategies, no matter the industry or function. An easy gateway to companies, mobile platforms are a valuable vehicle for your audience and should be considered in the design of all content and campaigns.

However, mobile customer experiences of your brand shouldn’t be the only experience to consider. Every one of your company’s channels should interact seamlessly to create a fluid network. Internally, employees and teams should be collaborating. Social media managers should be coordinating with your email marketing team and website designers to ensure messaging and branding has synergy on multiple consumer channels.

One viable resource to implement 360-strategy is data. Mobile devices are a gold mine for those seeking data, as they provide you information on app behavior, email opens, web interactions, payments, location, and more. Using this data can help you better interact with your customers or audience, as you can target their behaviors accordingly. Customer’s apps or website behavior can trigger an email campaign. Push notifications can alert a phone user to your in-store sales.

As technology continues to evolve and consumers utilize these devices in a variety of ways, determine how to use this tech to your advantage so it doesn’t disrupt your business. Take the lead on creating smart, experiential and strategic interactions that act simultaneously across channels and platforms to ensure your brand isn’t missing any golden opportunities.

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