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Don’t Let Your Subject Lines Be a Campaign Killer

Don’t Let Your Subject Lines Be a Campaign Killer

Any seasoned marketer knows that just like a strong, assuring handshake, email subject lines can really seal the deal. It’s the first impression for subscribers as they filter through their inbox and could be considered your most important email element. Depending on its strength and clarity, subject lines may very well be the only part of a message that gets read.

No matter how long you’ve been in the business, it’s easy to miss opportunities when it comes to communicating to new or current subscribers. Don’t let your subject lines bring down the whole campaign by avoiding these common mishaps:

One-Word Subject Lines

Lots of things in life are made more interesting by mystery and intrigue; email marketing is often not one of them. Singular word subject lines are often too vague to grab a reader’s attention and make it more difficult for readers to go back to in a crowded inbox in the future. Instead of trying to entice people with bold but ambiguous words like “SALE” or “IDEAS,” consider making your subject line a bit more descriptive so readers know exactly what they going to get out of your email.

Spammy Words

You may think you’ve come up with a clever trick to get people to open your emails using words like “risk free” or “winner,” but certain words can automatically sort your message into a spam folder. Despite your marketing expertise, we’re sure you’re not the first person to try these hooks, so avoid blending in or landing in the spam folder by clearly stating your email content in the subject line. The content within should speak for itself, but first your email needs to be read!

All Caps

Sometimes emails are very exciting, but ALL CAPS is typically unnecessary and can alienate your readers. Capitalization can be considered the digital form of yelling, so use it with caution. If you are trying to express excitement, consider using punctuation to make a bigger, not louder, impact.

Paragraph-Long Subject Lines

Balance is important for EVERYTHING in life, including email subject lines. While you should avoid using one-word subject lines, also steer clear of overly descriptive, long subject lines that might get cut off if they are too long. Your subject line should be a teaser for users and should not include a ton of information that will already be in the email body. As a rule of thumb, keep your email subjects to 50 characters or less.

It might seem that you’re overthinking your subject line, but you’re not. They are that important. Take your time in creating simple yet bold and inviting subject lines that let your readers know the best is yet to come!

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